Stationary Lifts

Stationary lift is a vertical transport staff or objects lifting machinery and equipment, available to process plants and automated warehouses and other logistics management system in the vertical transport of industrial equipment. Due to the opportunity of the development trend of the lift there is no doubt that the actual effect of the application of the user for the lift machinery has come and gone, the diligence of the manufacturer, so that a large number of users can pick the lift platform style belonging to themselves, convenient for their daily lives.

Stationary lift is a lifting stability excellent, wide range of application of goods lifting machinery and equipment, mainly for the production line in the middle of the high and low difference in the transport of goods, in the medium and large industrial equipment assembly of the whole process to play a supporting role, used with electric forklifts and other vehicles left and right to move the goods, save time and effort. Lifting platform will often be configured with a variety of floor plan conveying machinery and equipment, the key to different heights of conveyor linkage equipment, generally will be driven by the hydraulic machine, and therefore also known as hydraulic machine lifting platform.

In addition to the different height of the transport, it is also commonly used in the high installation and maintenance of the actual operation. Can accept the user to carry out unique specifications to customize to install in the natural environment of narrow indoor space applications, common two or three floors of the middle of the plant left and right vertical freight transport applications. Application can also pick manual hydraulic drive force lift platform, can be moved, easily linked to peripheral equipment equipment. Because of the uniqueness of the fixed lift, and there is no basic specification specification, according to the provisions of the user to develop a suitable lifting platform specifications, height and weight, etc., the user can be based on their own requirements to select the equipment, for this reason in the late application can be stronger application of the actual effect of the feeling.

Stationary lifts are generally installed in pits and coal mines, also known as coal mine lifting platform, convenient loading and unloading of goods, saving indoor space, convenient and beautiful. In addition, the user properly selects a variety of equipment can give full play to the quality characteristics of the lifting platform on a very large level, to obtain a stronger feeling of the actual effect of the application.

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