Structure composition and principle machinery of hydraulic scissor lift


Hydraulic scissor lift relies on the unfolding and folding of the scissor support frame to complete the lifting of the cargo platform, and its power is through the expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder to promote the unfolding and folding of the scissors. Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have high stability, wide working platform and high carrying capacity, which makes the aerial working range bigger and suitable for more than one person to work at the same time. It makes the aerial work more efficient and safe. The speed of the cylinder is determined by the flow of the oil pump, and the speed of the cylinder is very slow when it is designed, the speed is 200mm/minute, and the diameter of the inlet pipe connected with the cylinder is Φ6mm, in case the pipe is broken, the hydraulic oil can only return from the Φ6mm inlet, so the descending speed is also very slow, so it will not cause damage and loss.


Boarding bridge is a kind of cargo auxiliary equipment used with forklift, mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is widely used in five loading and unloading equipment of the cargo platform and mobile loading and unloading places, is a multi-functional lifting and loading machinery and equipment, the equipment is smooth lifting, installation and operation is simple, is an ideal cargo transportation equipment.


First,  Equipment structure composition.


Mobile boarding bridge mainly has a base, bearing plate and power system of the three parts of the unloading platform system, the base of the equipment and loading and unloading platform fixed, the bearing plate is divided into the main board and pedal.

Mobile boarding bridge is equipped with safety brace, both sides are equipped with safety stopper, only need to gently pull the pull ring on the panel can rise, the use of simpler and safer equipment electrical system, used to start the oil pear motor, by the circuit breaker, limit switch, etc. series control.


Second, the control principle.


Equipment used by the power system to upgrade the main board, the pedal starts to rise after the main board is completely in place, when the pedal rises to the same level as the main board, the rise stops and turns down the tower to the floor of the insert box, at this time the loading and unloading platform and the bridge between the truck to complete the lap moving tools can be fast; safe to and from the carriage to work.

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