Structure of mobile scissor lift platform

The mobile scissor lifting platform is the most widely used lifting platform, which is widely used in various high-altitude operations such as construction sites, workshops, and indoors.

According to the function, the lifting platform is mainly divided into the following parts:

The steel structure of the lifting platform: the lifting platform is mainly made of steel, and the main structure of the scissor mechanism is all rectangular steel pipes as raw materials. Some customers feel that the lifting platform is very heavy and it is not very convenient to move. You must know that as a high-altitude operation equipment, the lifting platform’s primary and fundamental purpose is to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination. Therefore, the lifting platform has a heavy weight. How can you dare to work if it is light?

The electrical part of the lifting platform: This part is the control system of the lifting platform, which is responsible for controlling the up and down operation of the lifting platform, height limit, emergency stop, etc. It is an important part of the lifting platform.

The hydraulic part of the lifting platform: This part is the heart of the lifting platform and the power source of the lifting platform. Including hydraulic pump station (power unit) and hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic pump station adopts an integrated power unit (the motor and the oil tank are integrated), the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is driven by the work of the motor, and the hydraulic oil is transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder, and the lifting platform is lifted by the power of the hydraulic cylinder.

According to the distribution of the lifting platform, it is mainly divided into the following parts from bottom to top:

Tires: The standard tires of the lifting platform are pneumatic tires, solid tires can be selected for long-distance driving, and universal wheels can be used if the height of the lifting platform itself is lower.

Traction bar: There are two main types of tow bar for the lifting platform. One is designed for manpower pulling, and the other is designed for easy towing with a car (it becomes a tripod traction frame). Customers can choose at will.

Outriggers: The outriggers of the lifting platform play a supporting role during work to prevent the lifting platform from tipping over. It is an important safety guarantee for the lifting platform, so the lifting platform is sprayed with the words: unsupported legs, rigorous use.

Electrical box: The electrical box is the main control system of the lifting platform. The electrical components are distributed inside. There are buttons for controlling up and down, and an emergency stop button. In order to prevent rain, a cover is set on the button. The power cord of the lifting platform is also connected to the electrical box.

Power unit: that is, the hydraulic pump station of the lifting platform, as mentioned above.

Hydraulic cylinder: The lifting platform is topped by it, as described above.

Scissor mechanism: The theme of the lifting platform is mainly processed by rectangular steel pipes. Each layer of scissors is connected by a shaft pin to form a whole body that can be raised and lowered.

Countertop: The countertop used for standing people and placing heavy objects is made of patterned steel plate.

Guardrail: It is installed on the countertop, it can be disassembled, and it can be installed for use to protect the safety of personnel on the countertop.

Handle button: There are handle buttons on the table. People standing on the table can operate the handle buttons to perform up and down operations.

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