Technical characteristics of mobile scissor lifts

The main technical characteristics of the mobile scissor lift.

Table steel plate bending, bottom frame and scissor structure Shan steel custom-made high-strength rectangular tube, standard cold-formed sitting rail, rail wheel using nylon slider, large contact area, lifting and lowering smoothly shaking small, can improve safety. And the hydraulic cylinder built-in anti-riot device to improve the safety performance, can achieve lasting durability, no leakage of double-layer steel mesh high-pressure oil pipe. And lifting work platform dedicated hydraulic pump, so the platform can be manually controlled after the power failure built-in relief valve, can prevent the system pressure is too high when the role of overload protection, so the circuit and electrical contact with a variety of connection should be the corresponding measures.

At the same time the mobile scissor lift can also achieve a variety of circuit protection, electric up and down electric control buttons and additional emergency lifting control buttons to protect economic safety and personal safety. And the operation of each component should use safety voltage, and do modulation treatment, on the shot blasting and sandblasting rust removal treatment, remove the rust and welding spatter on the surface of the steel structure, that is, the surface of the steel parts to produce a certain unevenness, so as to increase the adhesion, which is very important for the development of the lift.

And for the mobile scissor lift, to continuously improve his technical support, you can start from all aspects of it can increase production efforts, can have higher technical output, now many machinery manufacturing enterprises on the new elevator technology requirements are relatively high, but also to improve their technical requirements in this area and the level of rationality many technical manufacturers in the equipment are available according to their own customer requirements customized. So many new elevators are well developed in this area.

To sum up, the technical characteristics of mobile scissor lifts are very advanced. Therefore, for the technical requirements, each machine factory must properly grasp in order to improve their own technical requirements and technical level.

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