Ten requirements for the operation of mobile scissor lifts

Today, there are a large number of mechanical developments on the market that have the automated features of a moveable scissor lift. With its integrated design of built-in battery power, it can meet the requirements of different working conditions without external power supply and can be lifted freely without external power. The equipment requires only one person to complete the walking direction, so the operation requirements are relatively simple and the safety of the personnel can be guaranteed. Therefore, the operator only needs to master the control lever of the initial equipment to complete various movements, such as forward, backward and directional speed, therefore, in continuous practice has met the various needs of mobile scissor lifts. Let’s take a look together in the following!

  1. The main body of the mobile scissor lift should have a label stating the following:              lift speed limit, rated capacity, lift height, manufacturer’s name and date of manufacture, etc. of the lift.
  2. Scissor lift operators should attend fall protection and forklift training before operating the equipment.
  3. Installed scissor lifts are to be verified and accepted by the site safety engineer before use, and are to be accompanied by a permit to use.
  4. Users of mobile scissor lifts are required to follow the operating rules of forklifts.
  5. Relevant staff should check the platform and fill in the checklist before use every day.
  6. If the working area of the mobile scissor lift is on open and flat ground, it is not allowed to drive on uneven ground.
  7. The legs of the scissor lift should be fully open and firmly supported.
  8. The person using the movable scissor lift should wear a full body safety belt. During the lifting process, the forklift will secure the safety belt to the platform, basket or fixing point provided by the manufacturer. When the movable scissor lift platform is raised to working height, the safety belt is no longer attached to the movable scissor lift platform, but to other structurally reliable suspension points. If there is no reliable suspension point, then the wire rope suspended from the steel or concrete beam should be used and the safety belt should be fixed to the wire rope ring.
  9. The active operating area of the scissor lift will be taped with warning tape and posted with warning signs, and a full-time monitor will be installed.
  10. Operators will not be able to exit the vehicle when the mobile scissor lift is in the up position.

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