The advantages of electric lifts for workshops and warehouses

As we all know, aerial work is becoming more and more frequent, not only outdoor, aerial work indoors has gone to the agenda, especially now the rapid development of the logistics industry, manufacturing enterprises warehouses, etc. Fixed scissor hydraulic lift freight elevator is a special hydraulic lifting platform for transporting goods between the layers of buildings, electric lift products are mainly used in workshops, warehouses and a variety of work shelf goods up and down transport: stereo garage and underground garage layer height between the car lift, etc..

The hydraulic system of the product is set up with anti-fall and overload safety protection devices, and the operating buttons can be set up on each floor and the working table of the lift to realize multi-point control. The product has a strong structure, large load capacity, smooth lifting and lowering, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and is an ideal equipment for transporting goods between low floors instead of elevators in an economical and practical way. The hydraulic freight elevator overcomes the shortage of limited gravity of ordinary elevator type freight elevator, and can weigh tens of tons to nearly 100 tons of goods. Maintenance is simple and convenient, and installation is also convenient compared with ordinary freight elevators.

Fixed lift features

1, electric lift structure is compact and stable, can adapt to high frequency continuous operation.
2, lifting height stability, can meet the large tonnage of goods lifted smoothly. With anti-attachment, overload safety protection of the hydraulic system to ensure operational safety
3、The process of rising and falling is uniform and smooth.
4、Compact structure, simple appearance, flexible and convenient maintenance and use.
5、The rated load is large, effectively enhance the work efficiency.
6、Italy joint venture pump station group is used, low noise and long service life.
7、Wide range of optional accessories to meet customer needs in all aspects.
8、Clean and pollution-free, conducive to environmental maintenance. Fixed elevator purchase
9、After the equipment arrives, check whether the random technical data is complete when opening and accepting the box, whether the random accessories, tools and attachments are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories have damage, defects, etc., and make a good record of opening and accepting the box.

Compared to the general lift, such a small lifting platform in the operation will be a little different

Operation of electric lifts is first of all to check the air obstacles and high-voltage lines before operation, according to the current regulations and standards, should make the platform from beginning to end to maintain a safe distance from the charged high-voltage lines, shall not cross. It must be on a solid and level ground in order to work, and must make the load on the platform and distribution in accordance with the provisions of the production plant. At the same time should use the legs or stabilizer according to the instruction of the production plant, and the personnel on the platform should be correctly fastened with safety belt.

Immediately after that, then turn on the power of the host, install the platform guardrail, carefully check whether there are any hidden problems affecting the operation of the site, pull the support leg, rotate the support rotating rod, so that it is propped up with the ground, and then adjust the level of the legs one by one, but it is not appropriate to make all four wheels off the ground. Observe the level meter, fine-tune the level of the legs, note: the iron level meter may be artificially damaged or offset, should be adjusted level at the same time, observe the verticality of the telescopic cylinder, found the problem should immediately check the level meter, before the problem is not eliminated, it is prohibited to lift the lifting platform. After the cylinder is vertical, loosen the anti-turning ladder clamping screws, before dumping, put on the anti-turning ladder clamping screws, after the operator boarded the lifting platform, check whether the guardrail screws are firmly connected, and fasten the safety belt.

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