The causes and solutions of hydraulic lift and freight elevator not lifting

The reason why the hydraulic elevator does not lift this problem is encountered by many customers, the good lift suddenly can not work. This leads to lower productivity and even direct economic loss.

The reasons for not lifting and the method to eliminate this fault:

1. relief valve pressure adjustment does not meet the requirements of adjusting the pressure to the required value. Cylinder internal leakage check or replace the cylinder components. The reversing valve is tight or internal leakage check or replace the valve assembly. Oil level is too low, oil filter is blocked Add enough oil, clean the oil filter. The oil supply pump has problems check or replace the pump.

2. Hydraulic system problems: the return valve is not closed, the hydraulic system does not work properly. Hydraulic oil is insufficient or deteriorated, the filter is clogged. Manual pump check valve jammed, return failure, hydraulic system idle. The goods are overloaded, the output power cannot drive the goods carried. The gear pump is damaged, and the oil played has no pressure. Support hair or solenoid reversing valve action malfunction, spool jammed. The solenoid coil is burnt out or the input voltage of the solenoid coil is less than 220V. the oil cylinder seal is damaged and leaks oil.

3. The gear pump is worn or aged seriously. Treatment: Replace the gear pump. The hydraulic oil is aged and deteriorated seriously. Treatment: Replace the hydraulic oil. The emergency valve is not completely closed. Treatment: Close the emergency valve completely. The pressure of the relief valve setting is too low. Treatment: Adjust the pressure of the relief valve. The seal is damaged and the hydraulic system is leaking oil. Check whether the oil cylinder and pipeline joints are leaking, and replace the seals.

4. Voltage connection error, the rated working voltage of the freight elevator is 220V and 380V, in the use and purchase process, customers need to do a good job to stop the wrong voltage, it will lead to the normal rise of the hydraulic lift freight elevator, and it will lead to the burning of the hydraulic lift freight elevator wire.

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