The dangers of overloading a lifting platform

Lifting platforms have been around as long as civilization has been around with the need for vertical transportation. The original lifting platform used basic power methods such as human, animal and water power to lift the weight.

The use of lifting platform, speed is a more critical aspect, for the delivery of different goods need to speed will also vary, so how to adjust the speed of the lifting platform, if the lifting platform lifting speed becomes slow how to solve it?

The main factors affecting the speed of the lifting platform are the following.

1 power unit adjustment, whether it is a scissor lifting platform or rail lifting platform, are controlled by the power unit and oil cylinder, the power unit in the production of four out of the hole, is adjustable size, bigger or smaller cylinder hydraulic oil flow, we can adjust the motor speed or electro-hydraulic proportional valve to adjust the hydraulic oil flow;.

2. oil pipe control, the longer the hydraulic oil pipe, the longer the rise time. Therefore, in the installation, within the design allowed to reduce the length of the oil pipe as much as possible; on the basis of adjusting the power unit can also be adjusted to the size of the oil pipeline, in order to make the equipment to achieve the normal demand for safety, you can adjust accordingly.

3. Cylinder control, cylinder size, in the case of design requirements, as far as possible to reduce the diameter of the cylinder. The smaller the diameter of the cylinder, the faster the rising speed.

4, the load of goods, a back to transport the tonnage of goods also affect the speed of lifting, to reach the value of the lifting platform to transport goods is the speed of the guarantee, if the heavy side affects the speed.

Lifting platform overload operation hazards.

Lifting platform do not overload operations, easy to cause the following accidents.

a, endanger the safety of goods, overload when the lift freight elevator is in an unstable state, not very good control.
b, endanger personal safety, regardless of the occurrence of machine damage or cargo damage accidents, are likely to occur at the same time personal injury or death accidents.
c, will also endanger the lift structure so that it can not be used.

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