The design requirements of guide rail lift freight elevator

Guide rail lift freight elevator is a hydraulic lifting machinery and equipment used for lifting goods, using hydraulic cylinder as the main power, through heavy-duty chain and wire rope transmission, to ensure the safety of machine operation. No pit and machine room are needed, especially suitable for having basement, warehouse renovation, new shelves, etc. It has convenient installation and maintenance, beautiful, safe and easy operation. Specific production according to the actual environment of the site.

What are the design requirements for rail type elevator?

1, rail type elevator is mainly used to carry goods, so the table surface should be designed to pay attention to non-slip, stable goods; in addition, it can not happen to roll over, otherwise it will lead to goods slipping, so the upper roller track should be made into a slotted shape when designing to prevent rollover.
2, rail type lift freight elevator in the design should pay attention to prevent sudden uncontrolled fall, it is recommended to connect an anti-crack valve in series on the oil inlet pipeline, so that when there is an accident, it will automatically block the oil pipeline and make the rail type lift freight elevator stop running and fall slowly.
3, The guideway lift freight elevator should set safety switch, including fence door limit, cage door limit, top door limit, upper and lower limit switch, counterweight anti-breakage rope protection switch, etc. These are the safety defense line for the normal operation of the guideway lift freight elevator.
4, the buffer of the rail lift freight elevator mainly plays the role of buffer.
5, when there is voltage drop, overvoltage, wrong phase and phase breakage fault in the electrical line of rail type elevator, the protection device can reduce the occurrence of the fault, so the installation of overvoltage, undervoltage and wrong phase breakage protection device should be fully considered in the design.

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