The difference between mobile docking bridge and fixed docking bridge


First, Distinction by type.


Mobile boarding bridge and fixed boarding bridge.


Second, the essence of the same place


Mobile boarding bridge and fixed boarding bridge are essentially the same, they are used for forklifts and trucks between the bridge equipment, convenient loading and unloading of goods. They have the advantages of unrestricted use, easy operation, wide range of uses and low failure.


Third, according to the use of place is divided into.


Mobile boarding bridge is a special equipment that can transfer the loading and unloading operation site anytime and anywhere, realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods, and use the forklift to drive directly from the ground to the carriage. To put it in layman’s terms, mobile boarding bridges can be changed at any time the place of operation, it is more convenient and fast. Fixed boarding bridge is fixed in the platform, unloading places, etc., to meet the forklift can be transported directly to the truck through it, but the fixed boarding bridge adjustment plate can be adjusted appropriately according to the height of different truck cars, but the platform also has a minimum requirement, usually between 1000mm-1800mm. Mobile boarding bridge is usually in the loading and unloading of goods more spacious site, while fixed boarding bridge is mainly in large warehouses and warehouses shipping port and other places.

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