The key points of the purchase of lifts

No matter what kind of products are purchased, people will always have certain criteria in mind, and hope that the product can meet these criteria as far as possible, especially those equipment that are used more frequently. For example, in the aerial work required to use the lift is one of them, then in the purchase to refer to what kind of criteria to carry out it let’s take a look.


Product selection criteria constitute the main and the product’s use of the environment has a great relationship, as the lift and other equipment is mainly used in relatively dangerous high altitude, so the first criterion for the purchase of the product is safety, and to protect the safety of the use of the product is the premise that the equipment is running smoothly and reliably. Lifting freight elevator is mainly used in the factory assembly line, goods warehouse, parking lot, dock, construction, logistics and other high-altitude goods up and down transportation. Lifting freight elevator lifting system, is driven by hydraulic pump station, so it is also called hydraulic lift freight elevator. The earliest appearance of the lift should be traced back to ancient China and European countries, when there were vertical transportation of people and goods with tools such as windlass. The modern lift is the product of the nineteenth century after the invention of the steam engine.


Because the lift also has the task of transportation and carrying, so how the transport function and the size of the carrying capacity are the user should consider (consider) to when buying. Lift is a multifunctional lifting machinery and equipment, can be divided into fixed and mobile, rail type, curved arm type, scissor type, chain type, loading platform, etc.. Lifts are usually used for rescue and renovation.


Selection of lifting equipment should also take into account the material of the product, different materials, then the equipment has a different strength, according to the requirements of the aerial work environment, high strength materials tend to have a higher carrying capacity, stability (interpretation: stable stability; no change) will also be higher.


Users also need to take into account the specific environment when buying, some need vehicle-mounted, some need fixed, and some need hydraulic type.

In a word, users need to consider many aspects when buying a lift, but the most important of the many aspects is still the performance of the product. On the basis of ensuring the use of performance, the buyer needs to consider is the cost of the product, the higher the cost of the product is worthy of being used, I hope that the users in the purchase to learn.

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