The safety function of hydraulic lift freight elevator

Classification and application of hydraulic lift freight elevator:

Lifting freight elevator can be divided into: scissor lift freight elevator and rail lift freight elevator according to the type. The lifting height of the lift freight elevator ranges from 1m to 30m, and the lift freight elevator with extra specification can be customized according to the requirements.

Scissor lift freight elevator is a widely used special equipment for aerial work. Its scissor-type mechanical structure, so that the lifting platform has a high stability after lifting, a wide working path and high carrying capacity, so that the scale of aerial work is greater, and suitable for more than one person to work together. It makes the aerial working power higher and safer.


Product features:

The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength manganese steel vantage point tube. With safety maintenance equipment to prevent overloading of the lifting platform. There is a safety maintenance valve to prevent the splitting of the hydraulic line. There is an emergency descent equipment in case of power failure. The product is suitable for mobile aerial work in various industries, such as aerial equipment, maintenance, etc. According to the different requirements can choose different power methods (such as: three-phase AC power, single-phase AC power, DC power and internal combustion power, etc.), plus the manual hydraulic equipment, can be in the power outage or no power occasion as usual lifting work, and can be added to the flexible way, in the lack of pathway length can be extended to the required position, and then improve the work power. It is the aspirational equipment product of modern huge construction and equipment, and it is the necessary for high-altitude safety and civilization production.

Guide rail lift freight elevator is a kind of non-scissor lift way. It is suitable for the transfer of goods between floors of two or three floors of industrial plants, restaurants and hotels. The lowest height is 150-300mm, and no upper lifting point is needed. The method is diversified (single column, double column, four columns). Equipment work smoothly, simple and reliable operation, with hydraulic, electrical maintenance, economic and convenient goods transmission. Guide rail type fixed hydraulic lift, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises to replace the elevator progress of goods, with a simple structure, large capacity, long service life, easy maintenance, safety and useful features, especially suitable for underground with shaft can not dig the foundation of the occasion.

How to extend the working life of hydraulic lifts:

① for any equipment in the purchase of a certain break-in period, the break-in period for lifting equipment to be carried out within sixty to seventy hours of work, depending on its frequency of use and workload, these are the need to pay attention to the break-in period, so as to ensure that lifting equipment has a good use and maintenance.

② After the break-in period, the first maintenance is needed at this moment, in this maintenance process, you need to check the oil circuit to see if there is hydraulic oil in the tank, assuming there is, to see if the amount is satisfactory, can reach the effect of lifting, assuming not then need to increase some more.

③ When the oil circuit check is completed, you need to look at the nearby situation again, check the screws or couplings, and then look at the screws or coupling orientation is not loose; also need to see if there is no oil leakage or oil seepage phenomenon, timely processing, to prevent unnecessary trouble.

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