Three bases for choosing a boarding bridge


Boarding bridge modern technology for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional ladder, the audience in the choice to buy boarding bridge, in addition to compare prices, more importantly, or performance, similar to the boarding bridge in the process of using the relationship between the user’s person, so in the purchase of the following aspects to choose.


1, according to the actual needs to choose


The actual situation of the selection includes: understanding the object of the use of hydraulic boarding bridge, transport capacity, work performance and other circumstances. Because the product is to be installed in the enclosed pit, the size and depth of the well determines the specifications and size of the hydraulic boarding bridge. The size of the general hydraulic boarding bridge includes the outer size and inner size, customers in the choice is to be clear about the size of their wells.


2, according to the sex to choose


Stable hydraulic boarding bridge in addition to the general device should also have can prevent the upward movement of the pressure is too high relief valve; and when the hydraulic system pipeline rupture caused by rapid descent to have automatic cut off the oil pipeline rupture valve; and emergency handbrake must have, in case of emergency can immediately stop to avoid injury. Therefore, the buyer is required to choose the hydraulic ladder with pipeline rupture valve and emergency handbrake, so that the sex is higher.


3、Choose according to the cost performance


Choose the price of the hydraulic boarding bridge is one of the considerations of the buyer, from the cost of purchase, hydraulic boarding bridge is slightly more expensive than the general ordinary elevator, but from the overall cost of civil construction is lower than the general elevator. Many hydraulic boarding bridge manufacturers are not responsible for civil construction work, consumers need to choose their own reliable civil construction units for construction, both to ensure reliable and affordable. Therefore, users can be based on the price of the freight elevator and the budget for civil construction work to consider, to buy cost-effective products.

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