Types of lifts knowledge introduction

1、Lifts in industry

According to the different points of lifting organization: scissor lift, scissor lift, sleeve lift, scissor arm lift, folding arm lift.

According to the different methods of movement: fixed lift, relocated lift, self-propelled lift, vehicle-mounted lift, driveable lift.

2、Fixed lift

It is a kind of lifting stability, a wide range of goods lifting equipment is mainly used in the production line height difference between the goods transport; materials on line, off line; workpiece installation when adjusting the workpiece height; high feeder feeding; large equipment installation parts lifting; large machine bed loading, unloading; storage loading and unloading occasions and forklifts and other transfer vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading of goods.

According to the application requirements, it can be equipped with subordinate devices for arbitrary combination, such as safety guards for fixed lifts; electrical control methods; operation channel methods; power methods, etc. The precise selection of various equipment can maximize the performance of the function of the lift and obtain the best use of the function.

The optional equipment of the fixed lift includes manual hydraulic power, movable flap to facilitate lap with the surrounding facilities, tumbling or motorized rollerway, safety contact strips to avoid rolling feet, organ type safety guard, human or motorized rotating working table, liquid tumbling working table, safety support rod to avoid the fall of the lift, stainless steel safety net, electric or liquid lift walking power system, universal ball table.

3、Vehicle-mounted lift

Vehicle-mounted lift is to improve the mobility of the lift, the lift is fixed in the battery transfer car or truck, which picks up the car engine power to complete the lifting function of the vehicle-mounted lift. To get used to the aerial work in the factory table.
Widely used in hotels, buildings, airports, stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses and other occasions of aerial work; can also be used as temporary aerial lighting, advertising and publicity.

4、Hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lifts are widely used in cars, containers, mold making, wood processing, chemical filling and other types of industrial enterprises and production lines, to meet the lifting needs of different working heights, together with various table methods (such as ball, roller, turntable, steering, tilting, elastic), cooperation with a variety of control methods (sub-action, linkage, explosion-proof), with a smooth and accurate lifting, frequent start, large capacity, etc., effectively deal with all kinds of lifting operations in industrial enterprises difficult, so that production work easily.

5、Crank arm lift

Widely used in stations, docks, public buildings and other industries and fields that need to engage in high-altitude operations. It has the characteristics of convenient movement, simple operation, large working surface and good balance function, etc. In the case of uneven road surface, it can be supported by four legs together or by one leg, which is convenient for operation and use.

6、Sleeve cylinder hydraulic lift

Set of cylinders hydraulic lift for multi-stage hydraulic cylinder upright rise, hydraulic cylinder high-strength materials and outstanding mechanical function, tower-shaped ladder-shaped guard frame, so that the lifting platform has higher stability. Even if you are at a height of 20 meters, you can feel its excellent smooth function.

Applicable occasions: factory buildings, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, etc.

The main use: electric power lines, lighting appliances, overhead pipelines and other devices to protect, aerial cleaning and other single-person work at height.

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