What are platform lifts and how much do they cost?

There are numerous ways that you can enjoy the platform lifts we offer from Level Access Lifting, but before you choose the decision as to whether they might benefit you: it pays in order to know what specifically they are, just how they work, and exactly how much do they cost.

What are platform lifts?

A platform lift is likewise known as a new disability lift or even an access lift. This is a particularly engineered lift that makes it easier for wheelchair users to attain services on different levels. It enables those to travel carefully, saving them by putting their overall health and safety vulnerable.

As well as wheelchair users, platform lifts can as well benefit elderly guests or individuals who expertise difficulty walking ~ providing associated with identical opportunities to admittance the same expert services as everyone in addition.

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Where can platform lifts be installed?

Platform lifts are used in private and public surroundings and can as well be seen in local properties to boost access for individuals.

Definitely not only are they used on typically the outside of complexes to bring buyers, staff, or readers in but they can also possibly be installed on the lining to make all the areas accessible.

Alternatively of disabled buyers having to bargain stairs, why definitely not consider installing platform lifts? Our pulls make it less dangerous can be to be able to transfer between flooring levels – minimizing the risk of them falling or even seriously injuring themselves.

How does a platform lift work?

Just about all platform lifts exchange passengers up in addition to down – nevertheless how do they do it?

At this time there are 3 different types of drive platforms to get disability lifts, and each provides his or her own advantages like:

Screw and nut drive platform

Pulls that contain a attach and nut travel platform use some sort of steel pole that runs throughout the total length of typically the shaft. At typically the end of typically the screw, there can be a nut that is definitely connected to typically the platform, and also this can be turned by the motor unit to enable typically the lift to conquer and descend.

For doing this to operate dependably and prevent don and tear, admittance lifts need to be able to be regularly retained.

Hydraulic drive platform

Some platforms are operated by means of hydraulics. Lifts that contain some sort of hydraulic drive technique are linked to some sort of hydraulic ram together with hydraulic fluid can be pushed from typically the central reservoir, by using a pump ~ into the ram.

The ram extends to allow the lift to rise and the flow is reversed to lower it.

Encapsulated chain drive platform

In the event access lifts currently have an encapsulated sequence drive platform, typically the chain is enveloped in a resilient polyurethane casing which will minimize slippage.

There is also a motor and gears at the major of the whole length and this changes the shaft to which the chains happen to be attached to.

How much does a platform lift cost?

It’s difficult to put a price on platform lifts – especially when there happen to be many factors that will contribute to the particular overall cost.

To put the cost of a wheelchair lift into perspective, please remember to incorporate the cost of the lift itself with the cost of building work. Here are some of the main factors that affect the overall cost:

Distance (height)
Entrance (number of doors)
Size of the pit (required or not)
Structural wall (required or not)

We will of course provide professional advice on all of the above items. Contact us today so that we can discuss your requirements and provide you with accurate costs.

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