What are the advantages of using aluminum alloy lifts outdoors

Aluminum alloy lifts can be seen everywhere in our daily life or work, such as installing billboards, replacing electric lights in road administration, cutting trees in gardening department, etc. Many factories are one of the indispensable convenience tools.

Aluminum alloy lift using high-strength high-quality aluminum alloy material, with beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, flexible operation, convenient implementation. Lifting and lowering smoothly, safe and reliable and other advantages. Its light appearance, can play a high lifting capacity in a very small space. It is divided into: mobile, fixed, telescopic tabletop, wall-mounted lift, folding lift, wall-mounted, vehicle-mounted (battery, diesel), self-propelled and other aluminum alloy lifts by the way of movement.

Outdoor use of aluminum alloy lifts have the following advantages.

1、Lubrication and maintenance free pivot with built-in lanyard fixing point. Ergonomic joystick controller that can be operated from the platform or from the ground.
2、Aluminum alloy lift has non-slip surface. Durable guardrail. The telescopic rail at the end extends to accommodate larger loads.
3、The low noise of this lift platform makes the operator can operate in a quiet working environment. Large corner steering system provides excellent maneuvering performance. Spin-out battery box and power module can easily access the components.
4. The fault diagnosis device on the lifting platform can notify the operator of possible errors. Chassis high suitable for walking on rough ground. Designed for durability, reliability and easy maintenance. Diesel-powered models have two-wheel and four-wheel drive and steering. Autonomous turning device. Emergency descent system. Working height from 4 meters to 22 meters, high-grade configuration, high power power.
5、The variable speed motor of the lifting platform extends the life of the battery and motor, because the variable speed motor only consumes the energy necessary for the work.
6, high efficiency mechanical and hydraulic drive lifting system and its large tonnage load novel appearance has become a brand advantage. Aluminum alloy lift technology, energy saving and emission reduction, manufacturing of fine products, the best use of things, unique advantages, stable performance, smooth walking and lifting, sensitive direction, simple and convenient control, to bring you in the factory and indoor aerial work and high floor transport goods should be convenient to reduce your valuable time, improve efficiency, is the ideal aerial work equipment for modern enterprises efficient and safe production.

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