What are the items of regular maintenance of the lift?

Many factories have installed hydraulic lift freight elevator as a good helper for handling goods, hydraulic lift freight elevator has a very high sex, the platform can steadily rise and fall, so many small and medium-sized factories have chosen to install one. Hydraulic lift freight elevator can also be customized according to the customer’s site environment, can be installed outdoors, but also indoors.

First, how often the lift maintenance?

One of the reasons for the popularity of hydraulic lift freight elevators is that maintenance is relatively simple. Under normal use, we need to maintain the lift platform at intervals, the maintenance items are: 1, grease. 2, replace the hydraulic oil. These customers can also do it themselves, relatively simple. And we also need to regularly let the electrician to check the wiring and parts parts of the lifting platform to see if it is intact.

Second, lift maintenance maintenance let who to do?

Looking for a better technical lift maintenance service provider is very important, and to be more stable, to be able to lift the whole process of maintenance and repair within the life of the lift, can not be maintained to the mid-term, lift maintenance service providers do not do, or for other reasons can not continue to provide us with lift services, this situation is very bad, so find a technical, stable lift repair and maintenance Service provider is to do; and the lift maintenance service provider found can provide maintenance plans according to your lift use, some small lift failures, he should be able to help you deal with. For the recurrence of small failures shall have the eradication of countermeasures, rather than perfunctory, so looking for a lift maintenance service provider with a long history of repair and maintenance of lifts is necessary.


in the preventive maintenance plan, do not forget the lift cleaning work, lift failure for many reasons, but debris, dust and other long-term failure to remove will also lead to some minor failures, so in doing preventive maintenance plan, this is to be placed inside, good cleaning is essential to lift maintenance.


for the lift lubricating oil ah, hydraulic oil ah, etc., to regularly check the amount of oil to prevent poor working condition of the lift and wear serious, timely replenishment of oil.


pay attention to the reserves of wearing parts, for some wearing parts, such as seals, etc., to work in a small amount of reserves, in case of emergency, they can determine the fault, such as to replace the wearing parts, you can handle yourself.

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