What are the reasons for the decline of hydraulic lifting platform?

Hydraulic lifting platform slipping refers to the automatic landing immediately after the lifting platform rises and stops and cannot keep pressure. What is the reason for this failure, the following aspects from the following to give you an analysis.

First check the hydraulic cylinder, oil pipe, hydraulic station valve block whether there is oil leakage parts, hydraulic cylinder is mainly to check the exhaust hole, cylinder barrel on the edge, if these two places appear oil leakage situation indicates that the cylinder seal ring damage. The oil pipe is mainly to check whether the joints are leaking, and the valve block is mainly to check the connection parts with the valve group. Any of the above oil leakage will cause the lifting platform to slide.

Secondly, check whether the solenoid valve on the hydraulic pump is damaged, if the solenoid valve indicator light is always on during the lifting and lowering of the platform, it means that its failure can not be locked back to the oil circuit, such as this situation, the lifting platform will not rise too high that landing, it is easy to distinguish where its fault lies.

Again is to check whether the relief valve is faulty, so that its low-pressure overflow back to the tank, thus causing the lifting platform to slide. This failure rate is low, but it is not easy to find, such as excluding the above two reasons are required to check here.

There are two other factors that can easily occur in the large load and control system is more complex lifting platform, one is to lift the platform up to stop the limit switch after the electronic control system immediately give down signal, so that the lifting platform slide can not stop. This situation usually occurs in the electric control system is more complex lift freight elevator. Second, the large capacity lifting platform will sometimes increase in the hydraulic system to control the decline of the electromagnetic ball valve, he and solenoid valve supporting the use can play a good role in maintaining pressure, but the purity of the hydraulic oil requirements are extremely high. If the hydraulic oil has impurities easily stuck in the ball valve leading to its inability to lock the oil circuit caused by oil return, which is what we usually call internal leakage. This failure will generally make the lifting platform slow decline, but also affect its normal use. This kind of failure is generally easy to happen in the fixed scissor lift platform with larger table.

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