What are the reasons for the shaking of aerial work lifting platform

The rapid development of the economy, engineering construction more and more, the use of aerial work platform is also increasingly high. Aerial work is a very high risk work, so the aerial work platform has to be safe and secure, aerial work platform is a platform for aerial work, there is a certain wobble in use, there is no problem in the safety range.

Aerial work lifting platform swaying, how is caused by it?

1, first of all, whether the quality of aerial work lifting platform meets the standard, if the quality is poor, the gap between various accessories, the use of low configuration of the load-bearing pipe, it is easy to present the swinging condition. Never carry out operations to avoid the formation of serious accidents.

2, followed by the lifting platform is the cause of the external environment to form the machine shaking, such as operations in windy weather, the wind will blow the sway of the equipment, so do not operate in windy conditions. If it is a strong windy climate urgent repair is recommended to use the windproof rope.

3, again aerial work lifting platform is lifting height, if the height of the operation is too high, its sway will follow the height of the increase in aerial work lifting platform, and too high a height will also form a reduction in the carrying capacity, so in the use of the time must pay attention to, can work in the 10-meter position do not lift the equipment to eleven meters.

4, and aerial work lifting platform load, any lift equipment has a rated load, must not overload or off-load use.

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