What are the requirements and safety measures for aerial working platform operators

Aerial work platform is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises for plant maintenance, municipal construction, hotel decoration and decoration, reliable quality and perfect performance.

Aerial work lifting platform, is a kind of lifting platform, and is also very common and commonly used one. So what are the requirements and safety measures for aerial work platform operators?

1. aerial work lifting platform operation and use, how to maintain its safety?

Want to safely operate and use aerial lifts, we should do, mainly the following, is for: aerial lifts can not be overloaded operation, its operation and use, should be the responsibility of a person. In addition, in the ordinary use process, should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to carry out. For its failure problems, should be professional maintenance personnel to deal with, is strictly prohibited to handle without authorization.

2. aerial work lifting platform, is it a hydraulic lifting platform? As well as, its stop at any position, by what to achieve?

Aerial work lifting platform, in a way, it is a hydraulic lifting platform, however, the two in the subtleties, there are some differences. So, in question one, the answer is not necessarily, it depends on the specific situation. As for the aerial work lifting platform, if you want to stop at any position, it can be controlled by PLC to achieve it.

3. What are the specific requirements for the operators or operators of aerial work platforms?

There are some specific requirements for the operators or operators of aerial work platforms.

Its operation or operating personnel, should go through special training and examination, after passing the examination, can come to operate and use the aerial work lifting platform. In addition, the lifting platform structure, performance and other such aspects, is to be very familiar with and understand, so as to avoid in the process of its use, resulting in damage, and thus, resulting in economic losses.

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