What matters need to be paid attention to aerial work lifting platform

Aerial work platform lifting needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures, the following are a few aspects that need attention.

1, the use of lifting platforms should be configured after special training, examination and qualified, licensed professional operators.
2, lifting platform operators should be in accordance with the maintenance regulations of machinery and equipment, in the various checks and maintenance before starting the lifting platform.
3, support is an important preparation for the operation of the lifting platform, should choose a flat ground, when needed, you can use
sleeper pad solid after the work.
4、The operation order of the lifting platform is to start the lower arm first, then the middle arm, and then the upper arm. In the process of rotary operation of the lifting platform, the lower arm must be lifted to a certain height before the rotation, the rotation should be slow.
5, the operator on the working platform should wear a safety belt.

Single ladder operation

1, single ladder operation, the angle between the ladder and the ground should be 60-70 degrees.
2, the ladder foot should be placed on a solid foundation or set up anti-slip device.
3、The two columns of the ladder should be smoothly and firmly leaned on the object.
4, single ladder for up and down the workbench, should be higher than the workbench meters, in order to do handrail.

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