Why choose a mobile scissor lift


Mobile scissor lift is a kind of equipment with good lifting stability. It cannot be moved and can only be used for stationary operations, so it is easy to operate at high altitude. It is mainly used for transporting goods between production lines or between floors; online and offline materials; adjusting the height of parts when installing workpieces; feeding materials at high places; and lifting parts when installing large equipment.


It is a large loading and unloading machine; warehouse and forklift loading and unloading places such as handling support fast cargo loading and unloading vehicles, etc. Fixed lifts can be equipped with subordinate equipment, which can be used in any combination, for example, the elevator compartment can be used with the luggage box at the entrance and exit of the equipment combination transport system, so the transport process is fully automated and the operator does not need to enter the elevator, thus ensuring the operator personal safety of the operator.


Mobile scissor lifts are commonly used in the installation of overhead equipment at construction sites, hotels, warehouses, airports, stations, terminals, stadiums and other high-rise buildings, maintenance and sanitation, overhead piping for on-site electrical equipment, etc. to ensure safe operation. And improve the efficiency of the ideal equipment, so that the work at height more comfortable and fast.


It is made of high quality materials. The hydraulic system is usually equipped with safe maintenance facilities such as fall protection, overload and power failure. Other special fixed lifts are equipped with explosion-proof electronics suitable for explosion-proof locations. There are guide wheels and rails to make the elevator work more stable. Built-in external power units, platform entrances and exits with chains or crossbars, guardrails and warning lights or alarm bells for the operation of the lift platform, as well as safety switches to close the lift platform circuit when the door is opened. The operator can easily monitor multiple points in each working level and operate in either point-action or safety mode.


The result is an effective device for use when working at height with mobile scissor lifts. And it also has a great load capacity and is not affected by the environment, and can complete the delivery of goods between multiple floors to improve productivity; electrical control methods; channel operation methods; energy methods and other advantages. Greatly release the function of the lift to achieve better application effect.

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