Why does the scissor lift platform sink?

Scissor lift platform is a very widely used vertical transportation equipment, it is low price, large load capacity, simple installation, loved by users, single scissor lift platform has a shortcoming: after the load sinks a lot, affecting the goods in and out. After analysis, Huainan Junye’s engineers believe that the factors affecting the sinking amount of the scissor lift hydraulic freight elevator are mainly the load capacity, the main metal structure of the equipment, the quality of the cylinder, the accuracy of equipment processing and other reasons.

The special structure of the scissor lift platform, decided after the load, the equipment is bound to fall, in general, the metal has elastic expansion characteristics, after the load, by gravity, the metal structure of the equipment will produce elastic deformation, the performance is the lift sinking, the greater the load, the greater the sinking volume, in order to reduce the sinking volume, in the design of the product, the appropriate increase in the safety margin, can effectively reduce the sinking volume.

Cylinder quality is a major factor affecting the sinking amount, after loading, the cylinder pressure is very large, if the cylinder processing accuracy is low or cylinder seal quality is poor, resulting in internal or external leakage of the cylinder, will increase the sinking amount of the scissor lift hydraulic freight elevator, in order to reduce the impact of the cylinder, in the selection of the cylinder, try to choose the products of large manufacturers, seals try to choose imported products, to reduce the impact of the cylinder.

Processing accuracy is also an important factor affecting the sinking amount of the scissor lift platform, the same configuration, different manufacturers, the products produced, the sinking amount is not the same, why, the processing accuracy is not the same. Shaft pin and bearing clearance between too large, will increase the amount of equipment sinking; different processes, different workers to produce the equipment, welding deformation degree is not the same, the amount of sinking is not the same naturally.


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