Why the lifting platform can only rise but not fall?

In our daily life, more and more lifting platforms appear in our sight. Hydraulic lifting platform manufacturers: these lifting platform combination role diversification, both loading and unloading or moving up is relatively simple and convenient, the structure is very solid, the surface corrosion resistance performance is also particularly good, with a strong practicality, high carrying capacity, the equipment is more commonly used in hotels, hotels, airport terminals, exhibition halls and stadiums and other places, increasing the range of high-altitude operations, so that lifting more stable, suitable for more than one person Simultaneous operation, improve the efficiency of work.

Lifting platform can only rise, can not fall for the following reasons.

As we all know the hydraulic lifting platform is mainly through the hydraulic oil pressure transmission for equipment lifting, the use of a good security, so lift freight elevator in the use of time after a long time, it is easy to appear these can only rise can not fall phenomenon. So this accident how to solve it?

The cause of this failure, most likely because the hydraulic cylinder inside the lifting platform did not do a full exhaust, this time the operator can play more cycles without load, until the equipment can run smoothly; in addition, if the cylinder body processing accuracy is poor, the location of the failure of its roundness or cylindricity is poor, this time choose to replace in a timely manner; there is another situation, that is, the piston and cylinder with a small gap, this failure will cause noise, we should increase the gap; if the hydraulic cylinder in the work of the radial load, the lateral force caused by the bending moment will affect the normal operation of the cylinder.

The above is to cause the lifting platform can only rise but not normal decline of some of the reasons and the corresponding solutions, construction personnel can choose the appropriate solution according to the actual situation, to ensure that the lift freight elevator can be normal and efficient operation.

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